The provision of road transport and logistical solutions between East and Central Africa is greatly facilitated by the services provided by the vastly growing private sector industries. The triumph of large multinationals as well as SMEs in East and Central Africa is very much dependent on the support provided by the transport and logistics partners of these businesses.

Accessibility to many rural areas are a great challenge that needs to be addressed in order to ensure the continual improvement of these firms and their supply chains. Professional experienced road transport, operators, especially those that deliver a high quality, skilled, niche service are infrequently encountered. One such company is, PETRO LOGISTICS LIMITED, a company that thrives on professionalism and target based business.

Petro Logistics Limited is a logistics company incorporated in the year 2009, pursuant to the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. Patronised by the East African SUPERBRANDTM PETROFUEL, Petro Logistics transports dry as well as liquid cargo to the length and breadth of East and Central Africa.

Petro Logistics has majorly focused on fuel transportation in its initial years and has diverted its attention to the dry cargo transportation sector in the recent years. The company has grown to become road cargo transport and logistics solution of choice for fuel companies operating in Tanzania because of providing totally customizable transport solutions based on the industry. One such example is Petrofuel (T) Limited, whose transportation and logistical needs are met exclusively by Petro Logistics. The experience of the company in the East and Central African markets has enabled it to expand its scope of operations to facilitate growing demands from different sectors. Our greatest strength is in our strategy to use trucks exclusively for a client based on their requirement. We brand the trucks to make it look like an asset of our client to enhance their corporate image.

Petro Logistics will transport your products as well as your corporate identity to destinations across East and Central Africa. Petro boasts a fully owned fleet of 35 fuel tankers, varying in capacity from 2000 to 40000 liters exclusively for the usage of Petrofuel.

Petro Logistics is also a market leader in dry-cargo handling and the trucks move in and around East and Central Africa with their active fleet of flat-bed trailers. On the threshold of expansion, Petro Logistics plans to acquire 100 more trucks in the coming year in order to fully involve in the dry cargo transportation division. Maintained and serviced in house, it is in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art workshop exclusively for its own fleet.

The company is headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and has its depot in Mbagala. The company has staff strength of 75 staffs currently including supervisors, drivers, assistants, mechanics, welders, painters, and security personnel.


Petro Logistics aims to provide affordable, one stop logistical and warehouse services for all types of road transportation in East and Central Africa. We strive to be the most successful transportation and logistics service provider in the regional industry and to continually improve our market share by offering competitive rates in conjunction with superior service, optimal use of available resources, innovation and cost saving initiatives.


The mission of Petro Logistics is to be able to cater all transportation and logistical solutions available within the region. In the short-term, Petro Logistics expects to become the market leader in Tanzania.

This mission can be attained by:

Core Values

At Petro Logistics, our core values are;


At Petro Logistics, the following services are provided;

Service Delivery

Petro Logistics is comprehensively equipped with a wide range of well-maintained transportation equipment and vehicles. To ensure high quality, efficient and prompt service, the average age of our fleet is maintained at three years and new vehicles are added every other year.

Our vehicles are constantly serviced and strictly maintained to set manufacturer maintenance schedules. A very high emphasis on driver training maintains the excellent standard of our fleet.

The following vehicles and transportation equipment are available;

Delivery Performance and Tracking

In order to keep the promise by continually delivering high quality and timely services, the following measures are put in effect;

These measures mean that goods arrive safely and on time, and that as a company we are constantly aware of the whereabouts of our vehicles. In addition we provide our clients with constantly updated and cost effective general stock transport.

Health and Safty

We are committed to ensuring that the cargo of our customers reaches all destinations safely and without any setbacks. Similarly, the health and safety of all our employees is very important to us. In this regard, extensive occupational Health and Safety procedures have been implemented, and all Health and Safety regulations are strictly adhered to. We have implemented a strict Alcohol and Drug Policy, and random checks are implemented throughout Petro Logistics on all personnel. A policy of “No Tolerance” is enforced. All company drivers have Hazchem certificates (training in dealing with hazardous substances). Hazchem certificates are updated annually, as per law.

All drivers have ample experience in the field of transportation within the regions we operate in. The drivers undergo various training routines and other activities in order to keep the drivers prepared to face any eventuality. All vehicles are serviced after each trip to ensure its smooth running. This is done as a preventive maintenance to guarantee that all our vehicles are roadworthy.

These specialist capabilities mean that Petro Logistics is equipped to deal with any eventuality at any time.

Staff and Management

Petro Logistics has a management structure which ensures administrative accountability and exceptional client service.

Continual in-service training is provided by outside specialists to all management staff. This relates to labour relations, laws and to changes in road freight and customs law.

In addition, on the job training is given to all our customs clerks, thereby ensuring that custom documentation is of the highest standard, and that checks and balances are in place to prevent unnecessary delays at border posts.

Administrative control is exceptionally important to us, and functions at the highest level possible. This is to ensure quick and efficient invoicing of clients, which means that customs documentation is rapidly returned to clients for tax purposes.

Why petro Logistics?

The following are some highlights with Petro Logistics;