PETROFUEL (T) Limited is committed to providing high quality products and services that have statutory and regulatory acceptance, meeting internationally recognized standards, specifications and practices.

The company recognizes the sovereignty of the customer as its driving force and endeavors to create value in the products supplied and services offered. We also commit ourselves as a team to attaining and exceeding the expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees and stakeholders.

Safety and concern for the environment are core values at our Company. Management is involved in Petrofuel's safety program. Annually, each division prepares a report on its environmental and safety activities. Performance versus goals is discussed along with the setting of new goals, with critiques to help assure improvement.

By using the rig audit process, mechanical, safety, regulatory and environmental issues are identified and addressed by both the contractor and Petrofuel supervisors. Relying on a single source for these audits gives us a high level of consistent reporting across the company, which provides consistent internal benchmarking. This system helps assure that Petrofuel works with service providers that are aligned with us when it comes to the important issues of safety and environmental protection.

The above objectives are to be achieved through: